What Causes Dry Socket And How To Prevent It After A Tooth Extraction

Posted on: 16 November 2017

There are some instances where it may be necessary to pull a tooth rather than save it. Having a tooth pulled is a simple procedure and recovery is usually quick. However, in some cases, a condition known as dry socket can develop. This requires additional care by your dentist to control pain and inflammation. Fortunately, dry socket can often be prevented by following your dentist's instructions for recovery after an extraction.
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Considering Another Cup This Morning? Think Again - How Too Much Coffee Affects Your Smile

Posted on: 19 October 2017

A cup of coffee each morning is most likely a ritual to get you going each day. However, some mornings you may feel the need to drink multiple cups for that extra boost of caffeine. On average, Americans drink 3 cups of coffee per day, but you may need to reconsider the additional cups if you care about your oral health. If you are drinking too much coffee, you may experience the following issues with your smile:
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8 Common Habits That Destroy Children's Teeth

Posted on: 20 September 2017

Children fall prey to many of the same habits as adults, but the good news is that there is plenty of time to adjust. The earlier you start teaching your child how to turn away from these bad habits, the more likely he or she is to enjoy a long lifetime of healthy, pain-free teeth. Habit #1: Chewing on Ice As refreshing as it may feel to chew on ice, it is actually not good for your teeth to do this.
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3 Reasons Why Your Teeth Are Sensitive

Posted on: 27 August 2017

It's normal to have temporary sensitivity in your teeth now and then, but if you have sensitive teeth all of the time, then it is an indication that something is wrong. Sensitivity to hot and cold foods and sugar can make eating uncomfortable, and it can also make you want to avoid some of your favorite foods. Anti-sensitivity toothpaste can help make things more comfortable, but what you really should do is get to the cause of the problem.
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