Emergency Dentist Or Hospital? What To Consider

Posted on: 13 February 2023

You never know when a dental emergency will occur. You may suddenly suffer severe pain from an abscess. Your child may fall and hit their mouth, causing damage to their teeth. No matter the circumstance, an emergency dentist is necessary. However, there is not always an emergency dentist available near you. There may be some instances where you can get emergency dental treatment at a hospital emergency room. Here is what you need to know.

When Should You See an Emergency Dentist?

If you are suffering from tooth pain from a toothache, broken tooth, a lost filling, or any issue related to the teeth and gums, it is best to see an emergency dentist. You may not find anyone who can treat these issues at a hospital, as hospitals do not typically have dentists on staff. Many states also do not allow any doctor who is not a dentist to pull or repair teeth.

What Can an Emergency Dentist Help With?

An emergency dentist can perform most of the same treatments as you would expect from your normal dental visits. Most often, you will see an emergency dentist when you are having severe pain in a tooth or damage to a tooth that needs immediate care. Other issues that can be dealt with include loose teeth, teeth that have fallen out, large breaks in a tooth, or infections.

Your emergency dentist may not be the same dentist that you usually see. You will need to locate an emergency dentist who practices near your area. They will treat the issue you are suffering from and then advise you to follow up with your regular dentist. It is important that you get any emergency dental issues treated right away to avoid additional pain or further damage to the teeth and gums. The longer you allow dental issues to persist, the worse they can get.

When Should You Go to the Hospital for Your Dental Emergency?

There are some cases in which you need to go to the hospital for a dental emergency. Any type of case where your mouth is swollen to the point where you are unable to breathe requires a trip to the emergency room. If you broke your jaw or suffered a jaw dislocation, you should also seek treatment at the hospital. Major cuts inside the mouth that will not stop bleeding also should be seen by an emergency room physician.

Reach out to an emergency dentist in your area for more information.