Are You A Good Candidate For Braces?

Posted on: 13 July 2022

Are you unhappy with the way your smile looks and are wondering if you may be a good candidate for braces? If so, you will be happy to learn that most people are great candidates for the benefits that braces are able to offer. Ideal candidates can be of any age and must be in good overall health. Below you can learn more about some of the issues that braces can help correct in order to determine whether or not your specific dental issues can be effectively treated.


Overcrowding teeth can be the result of genetics or thumb-sucking as a child. Regardless of what caused this issue, braces can help to correct it by gently pulling teeth back into their proper alignment. This is very important since teeth that are overcrowding can be more than just a cosmetic issue. This particular dental problem can result in tooth decay if not taken care of since it can be more difficult to effectively remove plaque and food debris from between teeth that are too close together. This dental issue can also make chewing less effective. Consequently, if your teeth are overcrowded, this is definitely an issue that can be addressed using braces.

Gaps In Between Teeth

Just as some people suffer from teeth that are too close together, others suffer from teeth that are too far apart. Having large gaps in between your teeth can make it more difficult to chew food and can more pieces of food to get stuck in between your teeth. There are also cosmetic concerns that many people have when dealing with large gaps in their teeth. This is most common with people who have a large gap in between their front upper teeth. Thankfully, this issue can also be effectively treated with the use of braces, regardless of how large the gap in between your teeth may be. 

Crooked Teeth

There are a variety of reasons why some teeth grow in crooked. However, this problem is most commonly attributed to thumb-sucking and other childhood behaviors that take place while the child's teeth are developing beneath the gums. Teeth that are crooked can result in problems chewing since they prevent the teeth from being properly aligned when you bite down. Braces can be very effective in straightening out your teeth as long as they are in good health. 

To learn more about braces, reach out to a local dental clinic.