Signs You Need Tooth Extraction Services

Posted on: 1 June 2022

Tooth problems can make your life miserable, especially when pain is involved. Most people will have trouble sleeping or eating. So, if your teeth are no longer giving you peace of mind, consider visiting a dentist. Here are some hints you need tooth extractions.

Severe Tooth Pain

If you have had a toothache before, you understand the pain that comes with it. Surprisingly, even the strongest pain killers may not help. So, instead of living with severe tooth pain, you should have the tooth extracted. In most cases, the pain goes away once the tooth gets pulled out. At least you won't need to worry about taking painkillers often.

Deep Cavities

Tooth decay is a common issue among adults and kids. Luckily, dental fillings can help solve the problem. But if the tooth decay seems to be pretty severe, a simple dental filling won't cut it. You'll need to get the tooth pulled out to prevent the decay from spreading to other teeth. Besides, deep cavities can cause you to experience severe pain. 

Broken Tooth

Another reason you may consider tooth extraction is if your tooth is badly broken or chipped. Most people can live with a broken tooth. They only need a dental crown installed, and they'll be good to go. Unfortunately, this dental procedure may not suffice if your tooth breaks below the gum line. Your only choice is to have the tooth extracted and get a dental implant.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Some people encounter problems when their wisdom teeth are growing. In some cases, these teeth don't have enough space to grow. Sometimes, these teeth will fail to erupt properly and get trapped in the bone. You'll need to have a dentist extract the impacted tooth when this happens. Remember that impacted wisdom teeth can cause infection, pain, gum disease, and tooth decay.


Overcrowding is yet another reason why people get their teeth extracted. Sometimes, teeth can compete for space and end up growing awkwardly. If that happens, the teeth will look twisted or misaligned. This problem can be sorted by braces or Invisalign treatment. If these methods fail to work, you'll need to undergo teeth extraction procedures to create space. Your orthodontist will then guide and align your teeth to alleviate crowding. 

Other signs to watch out for are:

  • Periodontal diseases
  • Gum infection
  • Jaw pain and stiffness
  • Swollen gums

If you encounter any of the conditions listed above, visit a professional dentist. The dentist will assess your situation and decide whether tooth extractions are necessary.