4 Benefits Of Using Composite Resin Filling

Posted on: 15 November 2021

When you have a cavity or tooth decay, your dentist will have to remove the portion of the tooth that was impacted by the decay. Once the decay has been removed, your dentist will have to fill that space up so that it doesn't experience further decay. One of the materials that can be used to fill that space up is composite resin. Composite resin offers some distinct advantages over other tooth filling materials.  

Bonds With Your Tooth 

One of the biggest applications of composite resin is that it is made to bond with your tooth. Your tooth is cleaned, and then a bonding agent is placed on your natural tooth. Then the composite resin is applied to your tooth, and it bonds and hardens onto your natural tooth. The fact that it can bond with your natural tooth gives this filling option more strength than other types of fillings, which don't make all bonds with your natural tooth.  

Quick Hardening 

After you have gone through the process of having the decay drilled out of your tooth, you want to be done with dental work, which is another reason to consider composite resin filling. After the filling is applied to your tooth, a special light is shined on the tooth, which allows the bonding agent to harden. It only takes a few seconds for the bonding agent and filling to cure and harden, allowing you to be done with dental work and on your way in no time. 

Less Tooth Sensitivity 

With a composite resin filling, you will experience less tooth sensitivity. It is made to insulate your tooth from external temperatures. Tooth sensitivity is often an issue after decay has been removed from a tooth with other filling types; with composite resin, this is not something that you have to worry about.  

Less Destruction 

With certain types of filling, more of your natural tooth must be drilled out and removed for the filling to be applied. With composite filling, due to the way it quickly bonds with your natural tooth, only the minimum and absolutely necessary parts of the decay must be removed, and a good natural tooth doesn't have to be drilled out and removed from your mouth.  

Composite resin filling is made with a combination of powdered glass and plastic, which looks like a natural tooth, and feels like one. It bonds with your natural tooth, quickly hardens, and requires less destruction to apply the filling.