Not Crazy About Your Dentures? Here's What You Should Switch To

Posted on: 6 December 2019

Dentures are an effective solution for missing teeth, but not everyone is a fan of them. Whatever your reason is for not liking your dentures, there's a better solution out there for you.

The Problem With Dentures

Dentures are indeed a good solution for missing teeth, but they have their downsides.

For example, some people don't like the way that dentures feel in the mouth. Since they adhere to the gums instead of going down into them, it can feel a little artificial and strange to wear dentures. Other people don't like the way that they look, feeling that they seem artificial or conspicuous to others.

Lastly, some people are self-conscious about the possibility of dentures popping out. Even though this is rare with a good adhesive, it can still happen, and it's often embarrassing when it does.


The good news is, you're not limited to dentures for replacing your missing teeth. At any time, you can make a change and switch to dental implants.

Dental implants are individual, artificial replacement teeth. What sets them apart from dentures — other than the fact that they're separate pieces — is that they go down deep into the gums, all the way to your jaw bone. This anchors them in the same way as real teeth, ensuring that they feel and look real in your mouth. It also guarantees that the won't come out, as not only will your gums close up around the implant, but eventually your jaw bone will grow new healthy bone cells around the implant, keeping it tightly in place.

What to Expect

If you're interested in getting dental implants, the process is relatively straightforward and easy. The first thing you'll do is head to a dentist's office to talk about the process. They'll perform a basic examination to determine if you're eligible for dental implants. If you are, you can continue on to the next steps.

Moving forward, your dentist will take measurements of your mouth to order your custom implants. When they're ready, they'll be inserted while you're under general anesthesia, ensuring that you won't be uncomfortable at all. After you come to, you can go home and take some time to let the implants heal in place and become strong enough to support artificial teeth. After that, all that's left is to mount your new crowns on the implants, and you're done. You'll have a new set of chompers with all the chewing and grinding power of real teeth.

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