What to Do if You're Unhappy with Your Smile

Posted on: 9 May 2018

Having a great smile gives you a great deal of confidence. You're able to walk into any situation and know that you can talk, smile and laugh without having to cover up your mouth for fear that someone will see your teeth. If you're unhappy with the way your teeth look there are more ways than ever to fix this issue. Take a look at the tips below so you'll know more about the options available to make your smile as beautiful as possible.

A Six-Month Smile Is Within Your Reach

The days of walking around with a mouth full of metal for years on end are long gone. You want that perfect smile without the delay. A six-month smile can help you get where you want to go in no time at all.

A six-month smile is essentially a technique which incorporates the usage of clear braces to straighten the teeth. The brackets that would ordinarily be made out of metal are instead constructed from a lucid material that is barely noticeable. You can wear the braces over a shortened span of time and achieve the same results that would usually take many years to accomplish. This technique focuses on the front teeth so you can quickly straighten out the teeth that people see when they first meet you. Someone who is standing very close to you would have a hard time noticing that you're even wearing the braces!

Veneers Are a Great Option

Your cosmetic dentist can also fix your smile by giving you veneers. Veneers are basically a thin, porcelain coating that is placed over your original teeth. They don't appear bulky because your original teeth are shaved down before the coating is applied. This is a good option if your teeth are already aligned but have become discolored or chipped throughout the years. The veneers will cover up any discolorations and give you a movie star smile that you can't wait to show off to anyone that you meet.

When you look good, you feel good. Any changes you can make to your appearance will only serve to help boost your self-esteem and make you more confident than ever. To learn more about these and other options, you can set up a consultation with a local dentist. Then, you can talk with them about using one or both of these techniques to improve your smile today.