Foods You Should Eat To Keep A Healthy Mouth

Posted on: 8 February 2017

If you are looking for additional ways to keep your mouth healthy, you can start by implementing a healthy diet. The food you ingest has a great impact on your oral health as much as it does your overall physical health. The following are some tips that will help ensure your teeth stay as healthy as possible:

Enjoy Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium is very important to the growth and strength of your teeth. Calcium is particularly beneficial to young children because their teeth are still in the developing stage, but it still important that adults get calcium as well. Calcium can help prevent the teeth from getting decayed because it makes the outer surface of the teeth harder and more difficult to penetrate. Many different foods have calcium, including all dairy products, oily fish, kale, and broccoli.

Eat Raw Produce

While eating vegetables and fruit in any form is going to be healthy, your teeth will benefit greatly from eating them raw. The density of the raw produce can serve as a natural tooth cleaner. The texture of the produce can help wash away bacteria that can cause cavities. You also have to put additional effort into chewing raw produce, which can increase the amount of saliva in your mouth. Some of the best raw produce to eat on a regular basis includes apples, celery, carrots, pears, and celery.

More Water, Less Sugar

Water is an optimal drink that everyone should be having on a daily basis. The fact that it contains no sugar makes it an ideal option. Water also serves as a natural mouth rinse after eating food. As you drink it, it will swish around in your mouth and remove food particles and sugar that can be harmful to teeth.

Drink Unsweetened Tea On Occasion

While water is the best option for your liquid intake, some unsweetened tea can be enjoyed on occasion. Tea has some good healthy benefits to the teeth. Studies have discovered that tea can help prevent tooth decay due to the tannin it contains. Try not to overdo it, however, as it can still have a staining effect on the teeth.

Keeping a healthy diet is going to make you feel better all over. If you are not currently including some of these items into your daily eating, consider doing so a little at a time until you get acclimated. As always, be sure to see your dentist regularly to prevent and treat any oral issues you may have. For more information, contact companies like Tots to Teens Dental.