4 Things You Need To Talk To Your Child's Dentist About

Posted on: 21 October 2016

When you take your child to their first dental appointment, which should be around the age of 1 or whenever their teeth start to come in, you need to be sure that you establish a relationship with your child's dentist. This way, you can be involved in the health of your child's teeth and oral development, which is important to ensuring healthy, mature adult teeth are formed in the future. Here are four things you should talk to your child's dentist about:

  1. The Development of Your Child's Jawbone: In the early years of your child's life, their jawbone is going to be in the important stages of its development and growth. There are many things that can affect the development of the jawbone. It's important that you know what these things are and whether or not your child's dentist has a concern that it could become a problem. For example, using sippy cups and pacifiers are one of the most common reasons the jawbone does not develop properly. 
  2. The Prevention of Tooth Decay: Many parents are surprised to learn that tooth decay in children is actually a common problem. This is usually due to drinking from bottles, drinking too much juice, and consuming too much sugar. It's important to know whether or not your dentist believes your child is at risk for tooth decay. To prevent it, your child's dentist will teach you how to brush your child's teeth and how to floss them, as well. 
  3. The Possibility of Emergencies: If a dental emergency with your child's teeth comes up, you should know what needs to be done. Some dentists will have emergency services in their office at all hours of the day and night while others will have another office to refer you to. It's important that you know who to call and where to go. Emergencies include your child chipping their tooth or your child complaining about any oral pain. 
  4. Their Interaction With Your Child: Understanding your child's dentist's interaction with your child is also important. This isn't something that is discussed but rather observed on your part. Your child's dentist should be making your child feel comfortable, as well as encouraging your child to be involved in taking care of their teeth by providing tips and explaining why they are doing certain things. When your child's dentist makes them feel comfortable in this way, it can have life lasting effects. 

When you know what four things need to be discussed with your child's dentist, you can be sure that you end up selecting a dentist you are completely comfortable with for you and your child. Make an appointment at a clinic like New England Dental Specialists of Norwood for more information.