2 Tips To Relieve Sensitivity While Wearing Your Temporary Veneers

Posted on: 15 September 2016

Once you get your temporary veneers installed, you have completed the first step of your dental veneer process. The first step involves shaving down your tooth in order to create a solid surface for your veneers. The temporary veneers are simply there to hold the place of your permanent dental restorations. Since enamel is removed during the first step, this can lead to sensitivity when you wear your temporaries. Your temporary restoration will not adequately protect your teeth from sensitivity since a light adhesive is applied. This sensitivity can be fairly uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to help alleviate your sensitivity when wearing temporary veneers.

Drink Rosemary Tea

Rosemary can not only be a delicious tea to drink during colder months but it can also provide pain relief. Rosemary contains analgesic properties that help to provide relief to internal ailments. If you drink rosemary tea daily after getting your temporary veneers, you will notice very little dental sensitivity. In order to make rosemary tea, take a handful of the fresh rosemary herbs and place them into a kettle. Fill the kettle with water from the tap and boil the mixture. Once the mixture boils, pour the rosemary tea into a cup. Add a slice of lemon and wait for the tea to cool. If you would like your tea bit sweeter, then you can add a spoonful of honey. Avoid adding too much sugar as this can lead to cavities if you do not practice good oral care. Drink the herbal concoction throughout the day in order to get rid of your pain.

Stay Away from Extreme Heat and Cold

One of the simplest ways to get your sensitivity under control is by drinking or eating foods when they are at room temperature. Eating foods that are too hot or drinking beverages that are too cold will only aggravate any sensitivity. The enamel on your tooth acts as a protective layer against the external elements. This includes extreme temperatures. Since part of your enamel was removed during your dental visit, this makes your teeth more sensitive during your meals. Once you get your permanent veneers installed, you will be able to go back to enjoying your favorite hot and cold foods.

Experiencing some dental sensitivity while wearing your temporary veneer is to be expected. However, use these tips to ensure that you are able to keep the discomfort to a minimum.