3 Tips On Managing Your First Few Days With Braces

Posted on: 20 April 2016

If you have an appointment scheduled to get braces installed, congratulations on taking control of your dental health. Braces can help correct your teeth's placement and help set you on the path towards a lifetime of perfect smiles. But that may be small consolation if you are dreading the first few days after the braces are installed. It's true that you will likely experience some discomfort in the immediate aftermath of installation, but, thankfully, there are a number of tired and true tips you can implement into your daily routine to help ease the discomfort. Here are 3 tips on managing your first few days with your new braces.

Follow the 48 Hour Rule for Your Diet

Braces are held onto your teeth with a strong glue-like substance that will ensure the braces stay in place with no issue in the months to come. But for the first couple of days, this glue-like substance needs time to set properly. For at least the first 48 hours following the installation of your braces, you should be extra careful about what you put in your mouth while eating. Stick to a soft food diet with lots of liquids. Avoid any foods that would require you to bite down with pressure to chew the food. If you must eat out, skip the steakhouse and head to the Italian eatery for a pasta dish.

Keep Up Your Regular Routine

While you may be feeling some discomfort, it's important to keep up your normal oral care routine, including brushing and flossing. Brush as soon as you can after every meal or snack and make sure you are using a soft bristle brush if you weren't already. Continue to floss but consider purchasing a floss threader. This little tool can help you get the dental floss under the wires of your braces easily. Just take care to be gentle while working the floss in and out.

Salt Water to the Rescue

If you are experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort, there is a home remedy that will likely help you better than any prescription from the dentist. One teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm water will create a solution that can help ease your pain. Swish the water around inside your mouth whenever the discomfort seems to spike. Take an asprin or two if the pain is especially bad.

Getting braces is a positive step towards getting your teeth back on track but the first few days after installation can be uncomfortable. Stick to soft food for the first few days after installation, use a soft bristle brush and floss threader to keep up your regular oral care, and use salt water as a natural solution for easing swelling and pain.