Get Your Teen To Take Better Care Of Their Teeth

Posted on: 21 October 2015

When your child reaches the teenage years they will more than likely be more interested in their friends and their extracurricular activities than taking good care of their teeth. If your teen is like most, they may also have bad eating habits, filling themselves with soda, candy and other foods known to be hard on teeth. This article will provide you with advice on ways you can convince your teenager to stay more on top of their dental hygiene. 

Take them in for an exam and professional cleaning

You should follow the dentist's recommendations regarding bringing your teen in for exams and professional teeth cleanings. If it is determined that your teen's teeth are appearing to take a turn for the worse, then you know it's time to make some changes. Also, use this opportunity to have the dentist reiterate the importance of proper oral care.

Make it easy for them to take care of their teeth

Teenagers are all about convenience and not being too put out by something. Therefore, the easier you can make it for them to care for their teeth, the better the chances are that they will follow through.

You should put together an on-the-go dental kit for your teen. They can take it with them in their backpack in case they end up deciding to stay the night at a friend's house at the last minute. Having the convenient kit on them will increase the chances that they won't skip their nightly dental care.

The kit should include a travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste, a roll of floss and a small bottle of mouthwash.

Hold your teen accountable

If you notice your teenager has started neglecting their dental hygiene then you can tell then they will need to go in for another cleaning. They won't like the idea of going in to see the dentist more than necessary. However, let them know that if they aren't going to take care of their teeth then you need to make sure they are staying clean through professional cleaning.

Another way to convince your teen to care more for their teeth is by offering them cash incentives. Teens have a lot of wants and many of those wants require money. Therefore, you can offer your child a cash reward if their next dental appointment shows an improvement in the condition of their teeth.

By applying the advice in this article, you may see that your teen is finally taking their oral care serious. This will significantly decrease their chances of cavities and other dental related problems. For further assistance, contact a local dentist, such as one from HP Family Dental.