Tips For Keeping Yoru Teeth Healthy And White Through The Holidays

Posted on: 27 August 2015

The holidays can take their toll on the condition of your teeth if you aren't careful. Treats and good drinks make their way around households by the handfuls during this time of the year. It can be hard to maintain good discipline when you see all those good foods in front of you. This article is full of tips and advice to help you keep your teeth healthier and whiter, in spite of all those tasty holiday treats.

Keep bottled water with you

If you have bottled water with you then you will more than likely sip on it throughout the day. This helps you in a few ways. Sipping on water helps by controlling your hunger. You'll find it's easier to turn down those sweet foods when you aren't as hungry. It will help to wash down anything you do eat.

Drinking water will also increase your saliva production and saliva helps continuously flush food particles from your teeth and helps prevent the development of plaque.

Make smart food choices

You'll have a lot of choices in front of you, but there are some things you can do to make smart choices without feeling as if you are punishing yourself. You should eat the healthier food options before you allow yourself to eat the foods that are worse for your teeth.

For example, eat a few pieces of fresh fruit and nuts before allowing yourself those chocolate candies. This way, you'll fill up on the food that's better for your teeth and feel the need to eat less of the bad food choices.

Stay away from foods with a lot of food coloring in them, or drinks known to stain teeth like coffee and red wine.

Chew sugarless gum

It may not be convenient to sneak away and brush your teeth after you have eaten a lot of sweet treats. However, you can chew sugarless gum at any time.

The gum is sugarless, so it won't cause negative effects on your teeth. It also pulls food particles out of your teeth so they don't settle and start to turn into a plaque build-up.

These tips will make it much easier for you to keep your teeth healthy and looking better as you go through the holiday season. Go in for a professional teeth cleaning treatment after the holiday season is over to make sure you remove any traces of the holidays which may still be with you. If necessary, your cosmetic dentist may also take care of your teeth whitening needs at the same time.