Warning Signs Of Wisdom Teeth Problems

Posted on: 24 July 2015

You want to keep an eye out for possible problems with your wisdom teeth. If they start coming in wrong and you let it go, they can cause some problems for your dental health. Below, you will learn about some of the signs of possible wisdom tooth trouble, so you know when it may be time to get in to see the dentist about the situation.

Watch for pain

One of the signs that you have a problem with your wisdom teeth is a pain in your gums behind your last molar. This pain may also be felt directly under your last molar and it can radiate to more of your jaw depending on where the molar is coming in. The longer you ignore the situation, the worse the pain will get.

This pain may mean the wisdom teeth are growing in out of alignment, sideways, pushing under your molars or causing pressure to nearby nerves. Along with the pain, you may also experience swelling and redness around the area. The swelling may get so bad that it causes the outside of your cheek to appear swollen.

Watch for signs of infection

When your wisdom teeth start to come in and something stops their progress, it can leave your gums more prone to infection. Some signs of infection include intense pain, puss coming from the gums where the wisdom teeth are coming through, a sore near the area that looks similar to a pimple, a bad taste in your mouth, really bad breath, body aches, a general feeling of not being well and a fever.

Watch for a partial breakthrough

If you notice your wisdom teeth break through the skin and create a flap of skin, but they don't come all the way in, this can cause problems. The flap of skin left will attract food which will get stuck there. This can lead to an infection in your gums.

It's important for you to understand you should get in to see your dentist if you notice any of the warning signs above. Ignoring these issues can lead to an array of problems ranging from impacted wisdom teeth or infections to the forcing together of your other teeth, possibly to the point of fracturing some of them. The sooner wisdom teeth problems are dealt with, the better off you will be from a dental standpoint, since you will be decreasing your risk of more serious problems. To learn more about oral care, speak with someone like Family Dentistry Of Brick, PA.