Multiple Tooth Extraction – Is It Really That Bad?

Posted on: 15 January 2015

There may come a day in which your dentist recommends that you have several teeth removed at once. This can be devastating news. You will likely have a difficult time accepting his or her recommendation because the thought of losing your teeth is emotionally, physically and financially difficult. Here, you will learn some truths about getting multiple teeth extracted that can help make an impossible situation much more bearable.

Nobody Needs to Know

It is true! Nobody needs to know that you have had your teeth extracted. Your dentist can prepare a temporary denture to be worn from the moment that your teeth are removed. You probably picture yourself walking around without any teeth getting looks from those you try to converse with, but this is not the case. The option of spending $300-$500 on a temporary denture plate is there to help you get through the weeks following the dental extraction with little impact on your physical appearance. Truth is, you may actually look better with the temporary denture than you did with the teeth that were causing you problems.

Bearable Discomfort

Having teeth extracted is not as horribly painful as it may seem. As long as you follow the dentist's directions following the procedure and take the prescribed medication, you should be back to your normal self within just a few days. The main cause for concern where pain is concerned is dry socket. If you drink from straws or smoke immediately after the teeth are removed, there is a great chance that you will develop dry socket, which is horribly painful.

Limited Expense

Most dental insurances will cover the cost of extractions, some may even cover it fully. The best way to learn what you will be responsible for paying for is to have a consultation with your dentist and have him or her submit a claim with the insurance provider. Shortly after, the insurer will send a letter of approval to both you and the dentist explaining what is covered and what you will be expected to pay out of pocket.

Note: If you are planning to get temporary dentures, understand that most dental insurance providers only cover the cost of one set of dentures every few years. This means, if they pay for the cost of your temporary denture, they may not cover the cost of your permanent denture. This means that you are better to pay for the temporary out of pocket and let your insurance pay for the permanent.

Having teeth extracted is not as horrifying as it once was. Sedation, medication, and enhanced procedures can get you through this time with less trauma than you might think. Talk with your dentist about how he or she can make the experience more comfortable for you. For more information, speak with a clinic like Quality Dental Care.